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At CrossPointe, we have numerous families who have chosen adoption or have been directly impacted by adoption. To celebrate November as National Adoption Month, we want to celebrate their stories.

Lancaster Family

The Lancasters share their story.

Cagle Family

The Cagles share their story.

Shields Family

The Shields family shares their adoption story.


Marcelo was almost 13 when DHS called Adam to take an emergency weekend placement. He was legally adopted by Adam and Melissa a few days after his 17th birthday.

Marcelo was almost 13 when DHS called Adam to take an emergency weekend placement. He was legally adopted by Adam and Melissa a few days after his 17th birthday.

From Marcelo:

How has adoption changed your life? 

"Adoption changed my life in so many ways. The fact that I could know what a good family was and to find out who God was and the great things He has for me.  I could start all over and be a normal child and some day I might be able to be a foster parent and adopt a child from God like my mom and dad so I could give that child love like I was given.  My life is much better and I am blessed to have parents that love me so much." --Marcelo

From Adam and Melissa:

What is a misrepresented idea about adoption?

"We believe that some of the misrepresented ideas are that adoption is hard, expensive, and not fully understood.  The kids in foster care that are up for adoption do not have a permanent family or home to "go home to" at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays.  They just need a family and a place to call home. Adopting Marcelo was the best thing we could do -- it gave him a permanent place to call home, a new name, and, most importantly, a mom and dad that loves him unconditionally."

What first prompted you to consider adoption?

"Bro. Joe Grizzle and God.  Bro Joe often spoke about being a foster parent and how if we had an empty bedroom in our home, then we needed to consider opening it up to a kid in foster care.  While I (Adam) was single, I prayed about it and felt that God was calling me to be a foster parent.  Marcelo was an "emergency, weekend placement" one weekend in July 4 years ago.  He ended up staying as a foster kid with me and eventually became a permanent placement in foster care.  After Melissa and I got married, we decided it was time to adopt Marcelo and give him a permanent home." --Adam

Why is adoption important to you?

"Adoption is important to me because it is the truest example of what Jesus did for us when he took us from where we were (sinners) in to adoption as sons.  With Marcelo, I (Melissa) knew that Marcelo was mine before I ever even met him.  I actually dreamed about him before  I ever even met Adam.  I watched the transformation from the time we told Marcelo we wanted to adopt him to the time his adoption was finalized.  Even now, his whole countenance is changing just like when we come to know Jesus as our personal savior and accept his adoption as sons.  Our whole world and countenance changes." --Melissa

Jones Family

Jayme and Traci Jones share their adoption story.