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The Heart Cannot Feel What the Eyes Have Not Seen

Pastor's Blog

The Heart Cannot Feel What the Eyes Have Not Seen

Chris Vasquez

Pastor Butler's first weekly blog post reflecting on his time in Cote d'Ivoire.

The Heart Cannot Feel What the Eyes Have Not Seen

Day 1, “God what are you doing?”


Most of our lives are spent doing everyday, mundane tasks that really are just in motion from the previous day. We don’t give much thought to the world around us. It could be that we have been running so effortlessly for so long that we have stopped considering what’s going on around us. It may be that we know things are happening around us but we just don’t have the time to stop  and look at it - even if only for a few moments. Sometimes, we don’t want to stop and look. We are afraid of what we might find, but that’s for another day.  

Most people live lives of quiet desperation because they fail to spend much time thinking on God and as a result what God is doing.  We don’t spend enough time considering God’s work among us and what it might mean for us.  We have spent more time amused (being entertained) by the world around us rather than musing (meditating or considering) what is going on in that world and what it could mean to us. What if God were speaking to us through the world around us. What if God’s desire was to open our eyes to see what he was up to?  What if God’s goal was to open our eyes to see so our hearts could feel what He is doing? What if God was trying to open our eyes and warm our hearts to invite us to be a part of what He’s doing?

Today, I want to challenge you to look around you and ask God, “What are you doing?” There are all kinds of things happening and God is constantly on the move in our lives. Our task is to stop long enough to ask, “What”, which I believe is an ongoing, human pursuit. I believe human beings live in a state of tension between being musing and being amused. So today, I want you to stop for  few minutes as you begin your day and ask God, “What are you doing?” As God to give you time to open your eyes and see firsthand.  As you do this, I want you to consider a couple of passages and ask a couple of simple questions:


  1. Read Psalm 77:10-12, Psalm 143:1-12 = “God how have  you have worked in my life in the past and even now.” At some point, just make a list of the “works” of God in your life. This could include your job, possessions, family, friends, etc.

  2. Read Luke 8:40-56. This is a story about at least two people, but in reality many more. As you read the story, ask these questions:

    • Why did people miss the work of God among them?

    • In what ways did Jesus point them toward God’s work even as the events unfolded?

    • If these events were to happen in my life today, would my schedule allow me to see God working among me or not?

  3. Can you see anything that God is doing among you today? Praise Him for the work that He is doing and ask what you need to do to be more present among it.