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Read Proverbs: Week 1 (Chapters 1-7)

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Read Proverbs: Week 1 (Chapters 1-7)

Mike Butler

Proverbs Challenge: 1x3 = Wisdom

Proverbs challenges us to consider the choices between being wise and being foolish. Every decision we make should be fueled by wisdom, but that simply is just not the case. The Proverb challenge is simple, but can be life changing.  For 31 days, you will engage on a journey that will take you through all Thirty-One chapters of Proverbs with the intention of leading you to trust the ancient wisdom of the Scriptures. It’s fairly simple: 1x3=Wisdom. Following the calendar of July, you will select the proverb of the same day (e.g. July 15 = Proverb 15), read it three times and ask God, “What wisdom do you desire me to gain today?”  The process is simple, but the outcome will be life changing. Enjoy the journey.

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Week 1 (Chapters 1-7)

All of life is rooted in choices or decisions.  We choose daily - even moment to moment - to do something.  But are those decisions rooted in wisdom? After all, sometimes we make decisions that are rooted in selfishness - “What I want is the most important.” Most of the time, we aren’t so bold as to say this, but every once in a while the truth comes out. Sometimes our decisions are driven by fear - “If we don’t do something, then the bottom will fall out” or “I have to make a choice that will prevent the worst from happening.” Other times our decisions are driven by acceptance - “If I do this, then maybe ____________ will pay more attention or approve or like me more or on and on.”

But Wisdom wants more for us!

Often referred to as a law or guide, Proverbs seeks to equip us to make better, wiser decisions. Sometimes it’s about a more informed decision - “Should I change jobs?  Which job is the right one? Should I go into debt for my business? If so what are the risks?” Other times we are asking about how to raise a family or treat a spouse - “Why do we discipline children and what is the most God-honoring way to do so? How do I love my spouse more fully? What is a character trait God seeks in a Godly wife or husband? What should be the most important truths to pass on to my children?”  Wisdom seeks to give us counsel on both how to choose and how to apply what we choose.

This week as you read the daily proverbs, challenge yourself to really focus on what wisdom can be found. Challenge yourself to commit to memory one or two proverbs this week that will remind you where to search for wisdom and the benefits of it. Also consider what it might mean to disregard wisdom and choose foolishness.   


  • Chapter 1 - The heart of Wisdom (1-7); value of wisdom (8-9); warnings of disregarding wisdom (10-19); Parable of wisdom calling (20-33)

  • Chapter 2 - How we acquire wisdom (1-11; How wisdom saves (12-19); The benefits of wisdom/pitfalls for not having it (20-22)

  • Chapter 3 - Instructions to keep wisdom (1-10, 21-26); God’s discipline as God’s favor (11-12); The “value” of wisdom (13-18); The use of wisdom- Personally and God’s (27-35)

  • Chapter 4 - Wisdom from our fathers (1-3); Pursue Wisdom (4-9); Practical Wisdom (10-27)

  • Chapter 5 - Instructions on the “adulterous woman” (1-6); effects of disregarding wisdom (7-14, 20-23); fidelity to your wife (15-20);

  • Chapter 6 - Debt and obtaining freedom (1-5); work ethic (9-11); wicked intent and the outcome (12-15); 7 Things the LORD hates (16-19); sexual purity, adultery, and the outcome (20-35)

  • Chapter 7 -  Treat wisdom like “family” (4-5); parable of an adulterous woman (6-27)

Questions to ask of each proverb:

  1. How is wisdom described?

  2. Where can we find or gain wisdom? What keeps wisdom from being found?

  3. In what ways have I seen wisdom work out for me? In what ways has foolish choices hurt me? My family? My friends?

  4. What is God saying to me about wisdom today?

Weekly Challenge

  • Memorize one or two proverbs that will remind you where to find wisdom.  

  • Journal, blog, or use social media to challenge others to consider wisdom.

Resources or Studies

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This week, Pastor Lewis begins our Wise series with “A Proverbs Driven Life”. The Path of life is filled with many twists and turns, it is not an easy course to navigate on our own. This is exactly why God has not left us to ourselves. Instead, He has provided us with the perfect wisdom we need for the journey ahead through the infallible Word of God. Jesus, our true wisdom, helps us navigate this path of complexities through the wisdom of Proverbs. Join us at CrossPointe on Sunday Mornings at 9 and 10:30. For more information, visit us at