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Read Proverbs: Week 2 (Chapters 8-14)

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Read Proverbs: Week 2 (Chapters 8-14)

Mike Butler


Proverbs challenges us to consider the choices between being wise and being foolish. Every decision we make should be fueled by wisdom, but that simply is just not the case. The Proverb challenge is simple, but can be life changing.  For 31 days, you will engage on a journey that will take you through all Thirty-One chapters of Proverbs with the intention of leading you to trust the ancient wisdom of the Scriptures. It’s fairly simple: 1x3=Wisdom. Following the calendar of July, you will select the proverb of the same day (e.g. July 15 = Proverb 15), read it three times and ask God, “What wisdom do you desire me to gain today?”  The process is simple, but the outcome will be life changing. Enjoy the journey.

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Week 2 (Chapters 8-14)

“What does God want me to do?” Each of us as this question, even if it’s not the exact wording.  We want to know who to date or marry, so we ask “Is this the right person?”. We are looking for answers about what job to take or pursue, so we ask “What is the right direction?”  Even in matters of daily lifestyle choices, we want to know that we are making the right choices, so we ask “Is that the best lunch for me?” or “Should I take the day off and recover?” Maybe we wonder, “Should start exercising?” or “Is it time to sit down and talk through retirement.”  

The heart of these questions - and many more - is simply “What does God want me to do?”

This week as you read through the proverbs, the key is to ask God, “What should I be listening for?”  Wisdom truly calls out to us. Many times, we fail to make the connection between our daily choices and the well-being of our lives.  However, truly hearing wisdom will grant us the confidence to act as God would intend. In his ministry, Jesus taught that his desire was to give life abundantly (John 10:10) and that required listening for the Shepherd.

Keeping in mind that God’s gifts to us are good, can help us truly appreciate His leading in our lives.  The wisdom God offers provides insight and direction for us. The beauty is that every ounce of wisdom we have in life has come from outside of us. We may have figured it out, but this is only because we listened and learned from others.  This is important because if everyone learns via others, then we have learned because of others and others will learn because of us. But ultimately, all wisdom is from God. So this week, listen because Wisdom is speaking.


  • Chapter 8 - Wisdom is active (1-11) Character of “Wisdom” (12-21, 32-36); Wisdom’s origin (22-31)

  • Chapter 9 - Wisdom’s “invitation” (1-6, 10-12, ); Practical Instruction (7-9,); The danger of folly (13-18)

  • Chapter 10-14 - Compare/Contrasts -“And/But”, “If/Then”; benefits of wisdom and dangers of foolishness

Questions to ask of each proverb:

  1. How can we “hear” wisdom?

  2. What practices will allow us to hear wisdom better? What will prevent us from hearing it?

  3. What was the most important lesson you learned as a child? Teenager? Adult? Why was it so important?

  4. What is God saying to you about wisdom today?

Weekly Challenge

  • Memorize one or two proverbs that will remind you how to listen for wisdom.  

  • Journal, blog, or use social media to challenge others to consider wisdom.

Resources or Studies

Youversion (

Our Wise series continues with a message from Mike Luster, our pastor of student ministries. Who's voice are you listening to?