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CrossPointe Church in Norman, OK is truly a church with a heart. With services, activities, and classes for adults, kids, students, and seniors, CrossPointe has a place for you. We offer three worship venues with three distinct styles of music.

Thankful: Provision (Psalm 23:2-5)


Thankful: Provision (Psalm 23:2-5)

Mike Butler

“The LORD is my Shepherd” should be the theme of our hearts, but so often it is not. It may be that our lives have been difficult, uncertain, even dangerous. We may feel left out, forgotten, even abandoned. Because of this, we cannot always say these words with confidence: The LORD is my Shepherd. This week as Pastor Butler continues our Thankful series, he focuses on why we can say with confidence that the LORD is my Shepherd. We say it because of His promise of provision for us. The challenge for so many is to accept that provision as a gift and allow the Shepherd to care for His Sheep. Join us Sunday mornings at 9:00 and 10:30 am for worship in our Main Sanctuary (9:00/10:30) and the South Building (10:30). For more information about CrossPointe, please visit us at