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CrossPointe Church in Norman, OK is truly a church with a heart. With services, activities, and classes for adults, kids, students, and seniors, CrossPointe has a place for you. We offer three worship venues with three distinct styles of music.

Showdown: Know Your God


Showdown: Know Your God

Mike Butler

Have you ever been called out for your conviction before? Has someone ever called you to defend your conviction in the face of severe scrutiny, maybe even potential harm? There is a point in each of our lives when we are called to stand up and give an account. It’s the point where we really learn something about ourselves. It’s when we are called to step into the arena and prepare for a showdown. The Scriptures are filled with stories of people who were called to stand up for and on their convictions. In many cases, there was no guarantee they would turn out the way they hoped, but they were called to do it anyway. This week, Pastor Butler begins the Series, Showdown - Trusting the God Who Never Changes with “Know Your God”. The Story of three Hebrew men who chose to trust God at His word even if it meant they might lose their life for it. Come worship with us Sunday morning at either 9:00 or 10:30 (2 Services). We have a number of opportunities for children, students, and adults. For more information about CrossPointe or for access to previous sermons visit us at or contact us at 405-329-0823.