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CrossPointe Church in Norman, OK is truly a church with a heart. With services, activities, and classes for adults, kids, students, and seniors, CrossPointe has a place for you. We offer three worship venues with three distinct styles of music.

Showdown: Know Your Power


Showdown: Know Your Power

Mike Butler

In our lives, a showdown is always on the horizon. Most of the time we don’t see it, but it is there. When it is time, it will arrive and we cannot avoid it - and truly we don’t want to avoid it. Because the LORD is ever present with us, He seeks to prepare us for these showdowns. It is our job to see the various events and non-events in our lives as training ground preparing us for the Showdown. The LORD has given us a power to overcome, to shine, to proclaim His great favor. With the story of David and Goliath, we find the essence of how we stand firm in the midst of any showdown we face. It comes from the power we have in the LORD and how He comes through at just the right time. Come worship with us Sunday morning at either 9:00 or 10:30 (2 Services). We have a number of opportunities for children, students, and adults. For more information about CrossPointe or for access to previous sermons visit us at or contact us at 405-329-0823.