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CrossPointe Church in Norman, OK is truly a church with a heart. With services, activities, and classes for adults, kids, students, and seniors, CrossPointe has a place for you. We offer three worship venues with three distinct styles of music.

Showdown: Know Your Heart


Showdown: Know Your Heart

Mike Butler

We are all faced with different things in our lives that call us out and challenge the very foundation we stand on. We all come to a place where we feel like we must draw a line and stand firm on our convictions against something we feel simply cannot be overlooked. However, while we are willing to take that stand, it must come from somewhere. To hold to a conviction, means to have determined what is important and stand firm when that is challenged. This doesn’t happen out of the blue; rather, we will rise up in those times because of the conviction has set its place in our hearts. Every showdown we face, starts in the heart. With the second installment of Showdown, Pastor Butler take us through the story of Jesus’ mother Mary to speak to us about how the heart is the most common place for a showdown. Seeing that the showdown that happens in the heart shapes how we handle the showdown outside of it. Come worship with us Sunday morning at either 9:00 or 10:30 (2 Services). We have a number of opportunities for children, students, and adults. For more information about CrossPointe or for access to previous sermons visit us at or contact us at 405-329-0823.