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Day 5 - Prayer Challenge

Hearing from God can be a really difficult task at times.  So much of life is cluttered by fears, animosity, and uncertainty - which impacts whether or not we hear the small, still voice of God. There are moments in our lives when the world around us is erupting and we have the most difficult time just hearing Him speak to us in the storm. But if we were to be honest, the times we fail to hear God in our lives are in the everyday, mundane tasks of living.  We have built schedules that just simply go on autopilot most of the time. From the moment we wake up to the point at which our head hits the pillow, we just simply go about the day without realizing that God is speaking at all.  The key to prayer is to being intentional in listening for God. It is certainly true that God would have us share our concerns - kids going to college, marriage is struggling, the unnerving single life, loved ones walking through death into life, etc. All of these matter to God, but so does the breakfast we eat, the last load of laundry done, whether the trash gets to the curb, and even the song on the radio. God has something to say about each of these things, even if we don't think he does.  As I watch my kids grow up, I am reminded that I have a Father watching me grow up too. Like my kids, I can recognize the voice of my Father if I am listening attentively. However, like my kids I have to choose to listen for His voice. I have to choose His voice over the noise of the world outside. I have to stop long enough to listen for His voice, which means I have to learn to talk less.  

As we listen for the voice of God, we are reminded of Jesus' words in John 10:27  "My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me." When Jesus spoke these words, it was to correct those who challenged his authority and to encourage those who embraced his love.  Our confidence in prayer is that when we listen, our God promises to speak with us.  

Today, take a few moments to listen just a little more to the LORD.  Instead of taking your petitions to the LORD and then saying Amen, ask the LORD to speak to you in a way that is unmistakable.  Ask Him to direct your steps.  Like Samuel, let Him know you are there and listening.  

God Bless you, Go in Peace. 

Day 4 - Prayer Challenge

Prayer invites us into a space where we begin to learn more about God.

Day 2 - Prayer Challenge

"We must change our way of thinking about prayer to realize that it is not an obligation; it is an opportunity. Prayer is not just a requirement; it is also a privilege and an invitation to experience the power of God. Prayer is spiritual breathing - our normal and natural experience in Christ."

This is possibly the most important truth we can know about prayer - it is not an obligation, but an opportunity. If we are not careful we will sometimes view our relationship with God as we view our relationship with our doctor: speaking with you happens only when it is required. Yet with God we are called to view our relationship through prayer as an opportunity to learn more from God. It is true that God knows all things about us, but we know very little about God.  In prayer, we are invited to come and learn more. 

As we read the Scriptures, God reminds us that we are not alone in our pursuit of God. Many others have come before us and some of their stories have been recorded for us to see what they found.  2 Timothy 3:16-17, says that the Word of God is inspired which can mean many things to different people. However, the word actually is translated as "breath of God". (theopneustos). So when Paul tells Timothy that he should see the Scriptures as God's breath, he is calling him to breathe deeply of that word.  I challenge you today to take few moments to read the passage from 2 Timothy 3:16-17 and reflect on the importance of reading God's word. 

Also re-read Psalm 37:4 as well and ask yourself - what does it mean that God gives me the desires of my heart. Some have argued that the desires are those that we ourselves long for; whereas, others have said that what we long for has come from God.  In any case, how might one know what God desires to give us? Ultimately by reading His word and seeking His own thoughts.  

Today, pray that God will open your eyes to His thoughts so that we might begin to see the world through those thoughts.  (I am fully aware of the sensory confusion, it is intentional.)

Go in Peace.

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Day 1 - 30 Day Challenge

Welcome to the challenge! It is my prayer that this 30 day Prayer challenge will change your relationship with God in ways that will allow you to press further into him as He fills you with more wisdom and knowledge of Himself. (Ephesians 1:15-23, NIV 2011)

Truly, our lives are built for relationships.  Take a moment and consider all of the relationships that make up your life.  There are many different types of relationships - business, neighbors, family, love, etc..  Each of those relationships could be defined by one thing:  What do we talk about? What drives our relationships really comes down to what we talk about. Some relationships will only deal on external levels; whereas, other relationships are deeply rooted in life and experiences.  All of these relationships have a foundation. 

Ask yourself do any of these resemble my relationship with God. Now I don't mean "are there any relationships where I treat someone else like God?" Rather, what I mean is in those relationships which ones do you view as special, necessary, or maybe even sacred.  Why do you view them that way? It is likely that many will different reasons, but I would argue that it essentially comes back down to "What do we talk about?" When the curtain is pulled back behind this question, it is there that we find the heart of our relationship.  It is here we find out whether we speak of life's most important themes. As we look around, we find out if this relationship deals with the hardships of life as well as the joys- ironically sometimes one and the same. It is here we are honest enough with ourselves to admit the depth of our relationships. 

Truly our relationship with God should be the basis for all of our other relationships, but that takes a great deal of work and honesty.  It is God's intent that we relate to Him and enjoy our life together with Him.  Even more so, God is interested in us seeing life as He does.  God would have us think His thoughts about our lives. The things that concern Him should concern us. The things that He marvels at we should marvel at. The things that bring him Glory should be the focus of our lives.  Prayer invites us into that space and allows us to think God's thoughts. To truly understand having the mind of Christ is to allow God to change our minds to his own likeness. 

The question is will you let him!  Welcome to the challenge.

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Week 1 Encouragement from Pastor Butler

This is week one of our prayer challenge. Utilizing the study by Dr. Jack Graham, we are engaging in a 30 day prayer challenge as a body of believers preparing for 2016.